FacilitiesCONNECT is in a unique position to bring value to local and national suppliers of facilities labor-based solutions AND value to local government, K-12 and higher education entities that are in search of efficiency, effectiveness and innovative ideas to drive down the overall cost of procurement. 

It all starts with connections. FaciltiesCONNECT connects facility suppliers with cooperative and GPO purchasing contracts that provide these suppliers with a direct pipeline to public agencies and a distinct advantage in the marketplace. 
We also connect with public agencies in the local government, K-12 and higher education markets to help them with their specific needs in procuring facilities services and how they can procure more efficiently through strategic sourcing.
Most importantly, as a value to both Supplier and Agency, we provide third party verification of compliance to labor-based, construction cooperative contracts via RS Means and line item review.
Additional services include strategy assessment and deployment, marketing, education and training, legislative advocacy, collaboration and building synergy with like-minded entities.  
We can tailor programs to specific needs and budgets.  For a business review and assessment, please contact us / subscribe below.
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